Why chose Ofishial Foods ready meals delivered to your door

Why chose Ofishial Foods ready meals delivered to your door

Published: February 5th, 2019

If you need an easy convenient solution for a hot tasty meal every day you might want to try Ofishial Foods to improve your experience with ready meals delivered to your door. Ofishial Foods are a small family run business located in Oxfordshire. We offer a range of over 100 different meals and desserts that are cooked and packed by hand by our small kitchen team and are delivered to your door. If you are in our local area we offer free home delivery using our own vans with our own delivery drivers who are friendly, completely trustworthy and will help you putting the meals away and organising your freezer storage if you would like them to. If you are not in our free delivery area that is OK as we can deliver anywhere in the UK (except highlands and islands) using a professional courier firm and insulated packaging that guarantees the meals will be frozen on delivery the next day.

Our frozen ready meals contain no processed, formed or reformed meat and we never add any artificial ingredients. We just use the best ingredients we can and our aim is to always get as close to a great tasting home cooked meal and it is possible to achieve in a frozen ready meal. Full nutritional information is provided and there are extensive choices for a range of dietary requirement ranging from Vegetarian, Gluten free, Dairy Free, Allium free, Low Sugar, Low Salt, and Low Fat. Whatever your dietary requirements are we provide an extensive choice of tasty cooked meals delivered to your door. Our entire range of meals is available in 2 sizes, typically 400g for a normal appetite and 250g for those with a lighter appetite and we are the only company to offer a full range in 2 different sizes. So whatever your appetite you can choose any meal from our entire range, and if you have a lighter appetite this not only saves you money but avoids unnecessary food waste.

This owner run business cares passionately about providing the best tasting ready meals available backed up with excellent customer service every time. That’s Ofishial!

For any more information, you might need, please visit our About Us page.