We Buy British Product from Local Companies and are Brexit Proof

We Buy British Product from Local Companies and are Brexit Proof

Published: April 15th, 2019

Are you worried about the impact Brexit will have on you? We are not because we buy British produced product from local suppliers wherever possible, and this won’t be affected by Brexit.
All our meat and vegetables come from three family-run small businesses in Worcestershire and Warwickshire just a few miles from our Oxfordshire kitchen. Our butcher in Warwickshire not only provides us with the best quality British meat he also makes products especially for us like our new dish of faggots and mash, where he hand makes faggots for us to cook in exactly the size we want them for our meals. Our bacon supplier was chosen because we think he offers the best quality bacon we have ever eaten. We are a small local company and enjoy supporting local companies who, like ourselves, supply great quality local products.

We only buy British Products

Whatever your political views about Brexit one thing for sure is that buying British products has never made more sense for the country than it does now, and our farmers produce excellent quality products. On top of all that we are minimising our environmental impact by avoiding buying products imported over huge distances when they are available right here in Britain.
So if you want to improve your experience of ready meals and support British Farmers try a home delivery of cooked meals from Ofishial Foods. All meals are cooked by hand in our small kitchen and then immediately frozen until the meals are delivered to your door.

Frozen ready meals delivered to your home

We have regular friendly delivery drivers who will deliver your delicious frozen ready meals to you, not just in our local area as we can have our meals delivered UK wide using special packaging and a next day courier. We believe our frozen ready meals are the best available and offer a piping hot tasty meal within minutes of taking from the freezer – a much better customer experience than hot meals delivered by a meals on wheels service.
So don’t worry about Brexit – just “Keep Calm and Buy British