Vegetarian Frozen Ready Meals

Vegetarian Frozen Ready Meals

Published: September 29th, 2020


1st October is a day close to my heart, no not my birthday – it’s world Vegetarian Day! So, let’s talk all things veggie. Approximately 2% of adults and children in the UK are vegetarian, this is over 1.2 million people (luckily at Ofishial Foods we are not feeding all of them, with our cooked meals!). It is predicted that by the end of 2020 1 in 10 Brits (or 11% of the population) will be Vegetarian! At Ofishial Foods we have some great vegetarian ready meals for home delivery, in fact they are so delicious many of our non-vegetarian customers choose them.

Macaroni Cheese.

Often we credit the Americans with inventing ‘Mac n Cheese‘. But in fact Thomas Jefferson (3rd president of the United States) brought a recipe back with him from Northern Europe. Apparently he even served it at a state dinner in 1802.

Whilst our recipe is probably nothing like the one served in the White House; we reckon it’s still fit for kings. A rich creamy cheese sauce with a touch of garlic it is consistently popular. We also do another vegetarian version with leeks and smoked cheddar.

Winter Warmers.

Our vegetarian Chilli Con Carne made with Quorn mince and a delicious Bolognese sauce is a must have for those chilly (pun intended) winter evenings, our sauce has beer in it from a local brewery.
Another great meal for those winter nights is our Vegetarian Pie, made from lentils, vegetables, passata – with herbs and spices and it’s topped with mashed potato – this dish contain ‘mushroom ketchup’ – supplied to us by Geo Watkins. It also contains Sushi Nori (Japanese Seaweed), this taste is described as Umami which is a naturally occurring food enhancer. Sometimes a vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie is referred to as a Shepherdess Pie.

Sunday Lunch.

Not to be out done by all the carnivores , we can serve up a delicious Nut Roast served with peas, carrots and cauliflower – topped with a gorgeous cheese sauce. Or if you prefer there is the Golden Vegetable Loaf topped with a tomato sauce and served with cauliflower cheese.

Comfort Eating.

There is nothing better than a hearty traditional meal and here at Ofishial Foods HQ and we’ve included some vegetarian meals in this. So how about Vegetarian Sausage and Mash served with mashed potato, carrots and peas complete with onion gravy. We also have the delicious Potato, Cheese and Onion Pie containing 2 different cheeses surrounded by handmade short crust pastry. This is served with potato wedges and baked beans.

Rounding it off.

All or our desserts are vegetarian friendly so the only question is which one to choose? How about the classical Sherry Trifle this one pot dessert is actually a 2 person serving. So, you could invite a friend around (but not at the moment!). Or just eat it yourself over two days. We also have some enticing hot desserts such as Cherry Pie and Custard or Rhubarb Crumble.

Remember all our ready meal can be delivered to your door, and have clear cooking instructions on them for microwave or oven cooking.