Ready Meals Delivered To Your Door

Ready Meals Delivered To Your Door

Published: July 27th, 2020

There’s something fishy going on with our ready meals!

As the saying goes ‘you can’t improve on perfection’! However when it comes to our Frozen ready meals we are always looking to improve our recipes so that we can deliver (literally) our very best handmade frozen ready meals to your door. The majority of our customers are in the senior sector and many of them like traditional recipes, but when it comes to our Classic Fish Pie we think we have done the impossible and improved something that already tasted sublime – we have replaced the mash potato with crushed new potatoes and added some mustard to the sauce – this amazing fish pie is also gluten free.

The science behind our cooked meals

Now pay attention – here comes the science bit! What many people don’t realise is there is a difference between mashed potato and crushed new potatoes nutritionally apart from the obvious (milk/ cream or butter are in mash) when you mash potato the carbohydrates are broken down into sugars and absorbed by the body more quickly than in new potatoes which will affect the nutritional value of a meal, many of our customers are diabetic and this is obviously something they need to take note of.

We pride ourselves on trying to make many or our meal low in fat, salt and sugar but equally keeping the flavours. Our process is simple we source as much local produce as possible, we cook in small handmade batches and then when portioned up we freeze the meals very quickly to lock in all the flavours.

Other meals for home delivery

In addition to our Classic Fish Pie we also make a Luxury Fish Pie this contains some Vermouth (fortified wine, containing botanicals).
Many of our other frozen ready meals have a low sugar content which is ideal for our diabetic customers these include Moussaka, Roasted Vegetable Lasagne and Steak Casserole. Our brochure has the traffic light system displayed for all our meals and for both the small and medium sizes, this colour coded system makes it very clear whether each meal has low, medium or high levels for fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt.