Meals Delivered To Your Door

Meals Delivered To Your Door

Published: July 20th, 2020

New Brochure for Frozen Ready Meals

Last month saw the launch of our new brochure, this is not a quick process it takes months of planning and testing to create our ready meals  to be delivered to your door, and this year there was the obstacle of Covid 19.

Planning the Ready Meals

The process started last year with our development team coming up with some ideas for new and tasty ideas for our menu – that make fabulous meals to be delivered to your door, all the team make suggestions but ideas get rejected as we find they are not suitable for our requirements :
They may not look right when reheated – remember when serving up a meal it has to look appetising, we produce handmade ready meals so it is much easier for us to work on appearance than factory produced meals.
We may find that some ingredients are seasonal and impossible to obtain all year round to create frozen ready meals.
Price point – some of our ideas just work out as too expensive to produce for the correct sized nutrionally balanced healthy ready meals.

Once the new products have been decided on (and thoroughly sampled!) we have to decide which is the best container to serve it in – we have several different sizes. Labels have to be made – these have to have the correct cooking instructions, ingredients (with allergens) and nutritional values – including any extra notes such as low fat, low salt or gluten free.

The products then have to be photographed – this would normally involve John going out for the day to our local photographer however due to Covid 19 this couldn’t happen – so we made our own studio and John and Dorothee have acquired a new skill.

The layout then gets worked out, the brochure gets proof read and approved, sent off to the printers and then finally we have several thousand brochures in boxes.

New Cooked Meals

This year we put in 4 new main meals including Mushroom Ravioli and 2 new desserts, unfortunately to make room for the new products we had to choose to lose some other meals invariably when this happens sales suddenly pick up of the lines we’re discontinuing. Sometimes we choose to stop a product that we love but unfortunately it didn’t sell as well as we would have hoped.