Ofishial Foods – Delivering Frozen Ready Meals.

Ofishial Foods – Delivering Frozen Ready Meals.

Published: October 15th, 2020


In The Kitchen.

In charge of the daily running of the kitchen is Richard. He has a wealth of experience and before coming to work at Ofishial he was Sous Chef for Twinnings Tea. Richards favourite meal is the Pork and Apple Hotpot Рwhich always smells divine. Helping Richard in the kitchen making the ready meals are Julie, Jenny and Carla. Julie  tends to be in charge of making the desserts although her favourite meal is our tangy Sweet and Sour Chicken. Before coming to work here Julie worked in a local cafe and at a large department store.

Also in the kitchen is Jenny, she also helps with the picking and packing of the orders. She is in charge of sending out our postal orders, these get sent nationwide. Jenny’s favourite ready meal is Mushroom Stroganoff – delicious mushrooms in a creamy brandy sauce. We also offer a Beef Stroganoff for those that prefer meat based meals.

Carla is the final member of the kitchen team, but she also helps with the picking and packing of the regular orders, home delivery. Carla’s favourite meal is the popular Chicken Korma. This meal is a lovely creamy curry with a hint of mango. Before working in our Cotswold kitchen Carla was a cake decorator – this is why she makes such neat pie tops for our mashed potato frozen ready meals.

On The Road.

Susie (me), is normally out on the road, putting brochures through doors and visiting retirement complexes. Pre Covid we would hold tasting events in retirement buildings, so residents could ‘try before they buy’ the cooked meals. These events were generally quite popular as most people love some free food and it gives potential customers a chance to ask any questions. Since the middle of March I have been office based, helping Debbie with the orders and picking and packing them. I have also been tasked with writing the blogs in addition to my regular Facebook, Instagram and Twitter updates. My favourite meals are the deliciously garlicky Macaroni Cheese and our Orange Pancakes.

The Ofishial Drivers.

Linda and Lianne are our two drivers, and every day of the week they are on a different route, ensuring the ready meals are delivered to your door. We deliver to each area within a 60-mile radius of HQ on a certain day – this is how we manage to do free delivery. Throughout Covid 19, they have been delivering regularly to some of the most vulnerable people. They carry hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial spray; they also wear disposable gloves and face masks. When delivering they have generally been leaving the meals on the doorstep after making sure the customer is aware of them. However, this is not always possible as some of our customers are not very mobile. In this case they will go in and put the shopping away in the freezer.

When they get back from a day’s driving, they can often be found helping label some of our ready meals, ready for home delivery. Before working at Ofishial Foods Linda was a delivery driver, her favourite frozen ready meal is a roast dinner in particularly the Roast Lamb. Leanne has been a taxi driver and worked in a mental health facility her favourite frozen ready meal is our gluten free Lemon Drizzle cake.