Not all Ready Meals are Bad.

Not all Ready Meals are Bad.

Published: November 3rd, 2020

Enjoy frozen meals.

Over the years there has been much negative press about frozen ready meals. Mainly concerning their low nutritional values and high levels of preservatives They do however continue to grow in popularity. Whether its can’t cook, won’t cook, don’t have the time to cook, or can’t get out to buy ingredients. Our frozen ready meals offer a simple and easy alternative.

Ready meals have the advantage that you can buy a selection of meals that you think you will enjoy and then choose the one you want on the day. Without having to worry and consuming them before their best before dates. Also freezing the cooked meals immediately after cooking means that the meals stays in perfect condition until re-heated – even if that is a year after buying them.

In the current climate this is especially useful, as already people are starting to panic buy in shops. With this queues are starting to form at supermarkets again. The service provided by Ofishial Foods means you can have frozen ready meals delivered to your door.

Not all ready meals are the same.

So, let’s discuss the negativity about the nutritional value of ready meals. It is true that many Supermarket bought ready meals (particularly chilled meals) can have high levels off additives, salt and sugar in them and do not represent a healthy eating choice. However not all ready meals are the same

At Ofishial Foods we make an extensive range of great tasting frozen meals and desserts with only the best quality natural ingredients and with low sugar and salt content. They are not mass produced but are made with love in a small commercial kitchen by a team of 4 dedicated chefs. Once our cooked meals are made, they are immediately frozen and nutritionally are no different than a good home quality cooked meal.

And with Ofishial Foods it is not just the convenience of re-heating our ready meals as you don’t need even to go out and buy them as we offer a free home delivery. There is no charge for our meal delivery service and no minimum order, so what could be more convenient?

So, if you love the ease of pre-made meals and want to improve your experience then try us at Ofishial Foods and have your tasty, nutritious frozen ready meals delivered to your door by our friendly professional delivery drivers.

Not just frozen meals.

As well as delivering our meals, we can also deliver ‘store cupboard essentials’. This includes things such as toilet roll, chocolate biscuits and fresh fruit. Many people took advantage of this service during the first lockdown either for themselves or for an elderly or vulnerable relative. Some people that order from us may live abroad but their parents are still in our local delivery area. The service that we provide means that they have peace of mind whilst living 100’s of miles away.

We are more than just a delivery service as often some of our customers like to have a chat as well, especially at the height of Covid-19 during the spring months when they might not speak to anyone else for days on end.