New Menu For Our Frozen Ready Meals

New Menu For Our Frozen Ready Meals

Published: July 23rd, 2020


Out with the old (Cooked Meals) and in with the new !

As mentioned in the last blog so we can continually deliver great frozen ready meals to your door we have to introduce new dishes but to do that we lose some others.In our new menu we have added a couple great classics, an alternative to an established popular dish, a delicious new veggie option and 2 fabulous new puddings.

Beef Ready Meals

In our beef section we have added two traditional cooked meals in the authentic style that so many of our regular customers love. Firstly there is Oxtail Stew – this is actually a dish that has many variations across the world including the Rabo de Toro from Spain and Maafe from Africa we have chosen to serve it with dumplings, mashed potato and broccoli. The other new dish is Mince and Dumplings – which is low fat and low sugar as well as being dairy free, which is great news for those with special dietary requirements. This recipe was very loosely based on one from two celebrity chefs known for their love of hair and motorbikes!

Pork Frozen Ready Meals

Our next new dish is Pork Schnitzel – our version of the German Jaegerschnitzel, traditionally this is often served with pickled red cabbage, potato salad and green leaves, so we have served it cooked sweet red cabbage, new potatoes and a rich mushroom sauce.
Our final new dish is Mushroom Ravioli (as a vegetarian this is a particular favourite), we already have a great range of vegetarian dishes and this is a really tasty new option for one of frozen ready meals, this comes with a creamy sauce made from porcini (a staple in Italian cooking) and sliced mushrooms.

Desserts for Home Delivery

Our final new dishes are two fabulous gluten free desserts, firstly a great alternative to one of the most popular cakes around Lemon Drizzle – not made with gluten free flour as you would expect but with mashed potato! it has a lovely light texture to it. Our last dessert is the Almond and Apricot cake – this was adapted from apricot and frangipane tray bake recipe.