National Apple Day at Ofishial Foods Home Delivery Service.

National Apple Day at Ofishial Foods Home Delivery Service.

Published: October 20th, 2020

October 21st is National Apple Day. So, let’s have a look at our frozen ready meals that contain one of the most commonly grown fruits in the UK. Remember with Ofishial Foods you can have ready meals delivered to your door.

Apple Facts.

We consume around 122,000 tonnes of apples a year, that is enough to fill 325 swimming pools.

Because apples are so popular in the UK, we only export 3% of the apples grown. Yet we import a staggering 70% of apples consumed.

Apples are 86% water and contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, they only contain 12g sugar / 100g this occurs as it ripens and the carbohydrates convert to sugar.

They are a good fruit for diabetics as the sugar is slow releasing.

Apples float because nearly 25% of their composition is air.

There are about 7500 different varieties of apples so if you were to eat a different one each day it would take you approximately 20 years to get through them.

The fear of apples is known as Malusdomesticaphobia.

Main Meals.

Not only do pigs like eating apples, we like eating apples with our pig (especially in cooked meals)! As apples are harvested in autumn and traditionally the pigs were killed at this time it would make sense to use products that were ‘in season’ at the same time. It was also believed that the apples helped to digest the fat from the meat. Nowadays the meat we use (especially here at Ofishial Foods) tends to be leaner, but we still love the combination of apple and pork together, in our ready meals.

Our deliciously dairy free Pork and Apple Hotpot is real favourite amongst our customers. When you heat it up the tantalizing aroma of apple really floods out. The other main meal with apple is Pork in Cider, again odour of this makes your mouth water. This meal nearly came out of our catalogue, but customer demand for it kept it in!


How about our delectable homemade rice pudding topped with dollop of stewed apples? This dessert is only 175g so perfect for those with a smaller appetite. (We also do rice pudding with jam and a plain one).

Or there is Apple Crumble – voted the nation’s favourite dessert. We serve ours plain or without custard, so if you prefer you could have it with a serving of one of our delectable Bennetts Ice Creams. These come in various flavours including Vanilla with Seeds and Salted Caramel.

Our final apple dish is Apple Pie again you can have it with custard, or the twin pack that comes without. If you buy a twin pack you can just defrost it a slice at a time. The first published recipe for Apple Pie appeared in 1381, written by the poet Geoffrey Chaucer. Originally the crust was not made to be eaten but it turned out to be so delicious people started to consume it.