Meals delivered to your door for the elderly

Meals delivered to your door for the elderly

Published: March 19th, 2019

As you, or your loved ones get older some things in life become less enjoyable and may become more difficult. Cooking can be one of these. That’s why we provide a meal delivery service for all our meals and desserts

We offer a wide range of cooked meals made of many traditional favourites like bangers and mash, cottage pie, liver and bacon as well as some fabulous dishes from across Europe like coq au vin, beef or mushroom stroganoff, pork dijon, goulash, and our lovely Italian Lamb and Pea Stew. We also offer a wide range of traditional roast dinners just for one so saving all the effort preparing a roast dinner for one or two people. For the more varied tastes we have several curries, sweet and sour dishes, and our fabulous Chilli Con Carne. We also have a wide range of scrummy puddings which can either be reheated or just defrosted and eaten cold.

In developing our service to elderly customers we recognised that in later life appetites become lighter so we offer every meal in two sizes, typically 400g for a regular appetite and 250g for a lighter appetite. We are the only company to make the effort to offer our entire range in two different sizes to reflect different appetites whilst ensuring every customer has the maximum choice possible

Once cooked all of our meals and desserts are quickly frozen…

Once cooked all of our meals and desserts are quickly frozen and our frozen ready meals are delivered on our temperature controlled vans by our very friendly and trustworthy drivers. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they will happily help in organising the freezer and putting the meals away.

Our home delivery service is completely free in our local area and there is no minimum order. And if you want some groceries delivering at the same time that is no problem either.

So if you or your loved ones now need a little bit more assistance come to Ofishial Foods for great tasting hand-made meals delivered to your door