Meals delivered to cook at home

Meals delivered to cook at home

Published: September 18th, 2019

There is a huge growth in companies offering recipes and exact fresh ingredients allowing Meals delivered to cook at home.

We applaud this innovation as by supplying just the right amount of ingredients they are contributing significantly to reducing food waste, and we believe any food waste is simply unacceptable in current times.

There is however another alternative, and that is to have ready-cooked meals delivered to your home by Ofishial Foods. We also have zero food waste and our expert cooks use the freshest ingredients, beautifully balanced and cooked to perfection, to provide you with a range of tasty and complete ready prepared meals. All you need to to do is choose which of our frozen ready meals you fancy and then heat them up in the microwave or oven for an instant treat. You can order online or by phone and your meals and desserts will be delivered to your door.

Meals delivered to cook at home with free delivery…

If you are in our local delivery area your order will be delivered on a set day each week by our own friendly delivery drivers. However if you are not in our local delivery area please don’t worry as we can offer home delivery nationwide and your meals will be delivered 2 working days after order by next day courier with all your tasty ready meals packed carefully in a special insulated (and recyclable) parcel that guarantees they will be fully frozen when delivered to your door.

At Ofishial foods we specialise in providing frozen ready meals delivered for the elderly and make all meals in 2 sizes to reflect the different appetites of our customers. However, we are not just for the elderly and have customers of all ages because all our meals are super tasty and cater for a wide variety of tastes from traditional British, classic continental, and exotic Asian cuisines.

So, if like us you also hate food waste and don’t want to have prepare and cook your tasty supper, then let us do all the work while you just relax and enjoy a delicious meal.