Making Frozen Ready Meals and Helping the Planet

Making Frozen Ready Meals and Helping the Planet

Published: August 21st, 2020

Sustainability whilst making our frozen ready meals.

‘ The focus on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs’

As a company we are doing our best to work towards sustainability whilst creating our frozen ready meals. As part of this we upgraded our cold storage system rather than just using traditional freezers this is a much more efficient way of storing frozen ready meals We now have a large walk in freezer with double thickness insulation, this reduces the amount of energy consumed and therefore there are less emissions and as a bonus this reduces running costs for the freezer by 30%. Our efficient freezer system means that our cooked meals maintain all there nutrients and flavours, this includes our best selling meals such as Salmon in Lemon Sauce, Beef and Red Casserole and Chicken Supreme.

Cleaning up after making our meals.

Similarly we are replacing our older glide utensil washer with a state of the art new machine that recovers the heat from the steam to help heat the water reducing energy costs by 35%. This is great news for the kitchen staff as they have been struggling with the old machine for a few weeks – they’ll all be queuing up to use the new machine. There is always plenty of washing up when they have been busy making the cooked meals – especially those that have lots of components like the Roast Turkey Dinner.

What do our cooked meals go in?

A question that we often get asked is ‘are your trays recyclable?’ the answer was yes – however because the trays were black quite often some waste collection companies would not take them. So now after 5 years our CPET trays that we put the frozen ready meals in have been replaced with a new more attractive trays – more green in colour (which automatically makes you think of the environment). These new trays are not only recyclable but made from recyclable materials themselves. We use several different sizes and styles of trays meals like Sweet and Sour Pork go in trays that have two compartments whereas meals like Corned Beef Hash are just one complete pot.

Ready meals delivered to your door

As well as our own vans doing home delivery to your door, we also use a courier service that which means we can deliver our ready meals around the country on next day delivery, obviously these boxes need to be insulated to insure the meals get to their destinations still frozen. We have eliminated polystyrene insulation from our courier deliveries and now use 100% recyclable parcels with insulating paper stuffed liners and ice gel packs which can be disposed of in the recycling bin.