Keeping You Safe with Home Delivered Food

Keeping You Safe with Home Delivered Food

Published: March 10th, 2020

The country looks increasingly likely to be facing a major outbreak of the new Corona Virus, which could last for several weeks or months. Many people may be worried about this and seek to reduce their contact with the general population, particularly the elderly and those with underlying health issues, who are at greatest risk. Visits to supermarkets and eating out are likely to reduce significantly as people seek to protect themselves from chances of infection.

We offer a weekly home delivery of delicious frozen ready meals direct to you home and our delivery drivers will put the meals away in your freezer if you would like. Our pre cooked meals can then be easily heated in either oven or microwave direct from your freezer without any further need for outside contact with anyone. We have a range of over 100 meals and desserts and we have plenty of stocks of our ready meals to see us through this potential outbreak.

All meals are prepared in our commercial kitchen which operates to the highest possible standards of hygiene and staff use antibacterial lotion on their hands and work surfaces continually throughout the day, and all cooking utensils are sterilised in our washing machine after every use.

So if you want to stay safe, consider having our delicious frozen meals delivered to your door. Our drivers will do exactly as you want, keep their distance, and will even leave the meals just outside your door if you want to avoid any contact at all. And its not just our meals we will bring you. If you order 48 hours in advance we will also get all your household shopping for you at the same time and bring it to you at the same time as your food delivery.

We hope this new virus will pass quickly and we can all go back to enjoying the company of as many people as possible, but in the meantime we will do everything in our power to keep you safe with a convenient delivery of all your weekly meals direct to your home.