Inspiration for our recipes and the services we offer

Inspiration for our recipes and the services we offer

Published: May 8th, 2019

At Ofishial Foods we make some of the best tasting frozen ready meals available. Every meal is made to our own recipe which we trial and develop in our home kitchen every weekend. We seek our inspiration from a number of sources. Sometimes they are a recreation of Mums recipes we enjoyed in our childhood. Others are developed from recipes published by some of the countries tops chefs, for example Heston Blumenthal, Rick Stein, Jamie Oliver, Mary Berry and of course Delia. If we can’t find a recipe in our vast library of cookbooks we will search the internet for inspiration or even just create our own recipe from scratch. We never stop looking for inspiration even when dining out or on holiday if we try something new we love, we will ask for the recipe and sometimes the chefs are kind enough to provide it. Once we have a base recipe we like, we will often make the dish several times, adjusting the ingredients and cooking methods until we think it is just right for our customers. And only then do we attempt to make it into a batch of cooked meals to then freeze and offer to our customers from our small commercial kitchen in Oxfordshire.

But what if I have special dietary requirements?

When developing any meal we always consider whether with a small adjustment we can make it gluten free, dairy free, low salt, low sugar and low fat – without comprising the quality off the meal. We also try to have a good choice of allium free meals (no onions, garlic, shallots, leeks or chives) for customers who try to avoid alliums in their food.

So if you want to improve your experience of ready meals try the range from Ofishial Foods and have your meals delivered to your door. Every one of our meals and desserts is created by us with a lot of love and care and is unique, while many of them satisfy most of the requirements for healthy eating.

Our meal delivery service is free in our local area and there is no minimum order. Our services in our local delivery area also include putting the meals away into your freezer and buying and delivering any groceries you would like at the same time for you.

Outside our local delivery area, we can still offer a home delivery of our tasty and healthy ready meals by next day courier and your meals will be carefully packaged in an insulated box with ice gel packs that ensure the meals will be completely frozen on delivery to your door the next day.

We only use the best ingredients

All of our ready cooked meals are made with the best ingredients and we buy British produce from local family run suppliers, wherever we can. And finally, you won’t find any processed, reformed meat or any artificial ingredients in any of our frozen ready meals. It’s just good honest food developed and cooked with love – and it tastes great!