Importance of good nutritional content in ready meals

Importance of good nutritional content in ready meals

Published: August 25th, 2020

 Nutritional frozen ready meals.

Many of our customers have particular dietary requirements or are particularly conscientious of what they eat – maybe due to a medical condition. So to make choosing a meal easier our brochure displays the ‘nutritional traffic lights’. These show fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt levels for the two different portion sizes. Anything in red is high / should be consumed in moderation, green means there are much lower levels. The traffic lights refer to our RDA or recommended daily allowance.

What nutrition goes in our meals.

For example our Steak Casserole meal which contains butternut squash, carrots and leeks and is served with diced potatoes and peas – all the 4 nutritional elements are in green ( for both size of meals) so this means it is quite low in salt, sugar etc. the 250g frozen ready meal contains 0.51g of salt which is approximately 9% of the RDA for an adult (the actual RDA for salt is 6g which is equivalent to around 1 teaspoon), RDA’s for each nutrient vary depending on whether it is for adults or children.
When we are designing new recipes for our frozen ready meal we are very aware of trying to make our meals balanced but some meals are just natural high in maybe fat or salt for example the 400g portion of the utterly delicious ‘potato, cheese and bacon bake’, because it contain cream, cheese and bacon (we do use back bacon which has less fat than some of the other cuts) it will be higher in fat.
What is important to remember is that it is a balance, so if you have a meal that’s high is salt you just need to ensure that the other meals you have that day are lower in salt.

Look online.

For those that prefer to use the website each meal again shows the nutritional information per 100g and for each meal size. On the left hand size of our online brochure for our ready meals you can choose if you want to look for meals that are particularly low in salt or low in sugar, or maybe gluten or dairy free – this makes it much easier for customers when trying to choose their next delivery of frozen ready meals.