Healthy Meals Delivered

Healthy Meals Delivered

Published: October 28th, 2019

Do you want healthy meals delivered but also meals that taste great? Well why don’t you try Ofishial Foods meals and you can have both and enjoy our tasty meals delivered to your door

We make a range of over 100 meals and desserts and everyone is full of flavour and cooked to perfection. Our frozen ready meals are cooked by hand by a team of just 5 talented chefs and we are constantly adjusting then to make them better every time. Within our range of cooked meals, we have lots of low-calorie options if you are watching your waistline. We also keep salt levels low. Whilst salt is an effective flavour enhancer we use the minimal amount we can to achieve the right flavour. Our attitude is to start with a healthy meal first. If your taste requires more salt then go ahead and add some more when serving. But if we put too much salt in you can’t take it out!

We are currently working on our new range for Autumn / Winter 2019-20 and have some amazing tasting meals coming online including a ham hock cassoulet, a hot a spicy Red Thai Chicken Curry and a luxurious dish of Venison Sausages in red wine and juniper berry sauce. We are also launching a breakfast range for the first time too.

If you want home delivery of our meals then just get in touch. Our meal delivery service is completely free in our local area with no minimum order requirement. Our delivery drivers are super friendly ladies and will help in any way they can from putting the meals away for you, organising your freezer or writing the cheque for you. We don’t schedule them to do so many deliveries they have to rush so there is always time in their day for a chat too if you like.

So whether you are watching your waistline or reducing your salt or sugar intake try our range of healthy ready meals and you won’t have to compromise on great flavour either