Healthy and Delicious Frozen Ready Meals

Healthy and Delicious Frozen Ready Meals

Published: September 17th, 2020

Healthy Ready Meals.

While ready meals provide an excellent solution for those in a hurry or who need a bit of extra help, they have got some bad press in recent years. This is due to the high level of additives and artificial ingredients they contain, not to mention salt and sugar levels. We even have a dedicated section of our website for low sugar and low salt.

At Ofishial Foods not one of our meals contains any artificial ingredients or additives whatsoever. A lot of Supermarkets sell chilled ready meals; they then need additive and preservatives to prolong the shelf life.

This isn’t necessary for Ofishial Foods frozen ready meals because we make our cooked meals from the freshest ingredients. They are put into a blast chiller before the cellophane lid is ‘heat sealed’ on. By freezing the meals quickly it locks in all the important nutrients and flavours. This also helps prevent ice crystals forming during the freezing process.

All our meals are fully frozen and will keep in the freezer for up to 12 months, after your home delivery. I can’t imagine anyone keeping our amazing Pancakes with Orange Syrup in the freezer for that long!

Meat in our Meals.

Many ready meal manufacturers use cheaper processed, reformed meat to reduce the cost of their meal. Not at Ofishial Foods though! We only use the freshest best quality meat in our meals. None of the meat we use has been imported. We like to support British producers wherever possible and use good quality British meat from our excellent local suppliers, one of these being Barry The Butcher in Stratford upon Avon. It is better for quality, better for British farmers, and better for the environment too.

So when you buy Ofishial Foods ready meals you can be sure that we are making every one of our healthy meals with the freshest of ingredients, best quality meat and nothing artificial added. It is just good honest food.

Other Ingredients.

Our main supplier of fruit and vegetables is Pershore Produce – from the Vale of Evesham. They deliver to us 6 days a week to ensure that we have the freshest produce possible. As we are right in the middle of the country are fish supply is not so ‘local’, but we use responsible sourcing.

Recently we have started to use some ingredients from smaller more independent suppliers such as the great tasting Mushroom Ketchup from Geo Watkins. Their sister company Zest has some amazing vegan sauces that hopefully we can use in the future.

How to get our Healthy Cooked Meals.

You don’t have to go shopping to get our foods as we offer a free delivery service in our local area. Call us to discuss our delivery days to our local area. If you are not inside our free delivery area we can still offer home delivery with your meals packed up in an insulated box and delivered by next day courier. We guarantee our meals arrive to you fully frozen, ready to go straight into your freezer. Or if you’re feeling hungry straight into your microwave or oven.