Gluten Free Ready Meals

Gluten Free Ready Meals

Published: September 24th, 2019

A growing number of people have wheat and gluten intolerances which reduces choice significantly. However, it needn’t be so, as at Ofishial we have a wide choice of tasty Gluten Free Ready Meals which you can try and with a free home delivery every week.

50% of our range is Gluten Free

Of the 86 different choices of main meals we offer exactly 50% are Gluten Free and include bestsellers such as our steak casserole, beef madras, cottage pie, gammon and pineapple, pork in cider, butter chicken curry, sweet and sour chicken, tortilla, salmon in lemon, moussaka, lamb curry and 32 more great meals to chose from. If you see the ear of corn sign on our website, or the package says Gluten Free you can be sure it is 100% Gluten Free and suitable for all gluten intolerances including for coeliacs.

So don’t let your gluten intolerance restrict you to boring meals when you can have so many of our delicious frozen ready meals delivered to your door by our friendly delivery drivers. Our frozen ready meals are cooked by hand in our small commercial kitchen by a team of just 4 and with a lot of love.

Our free meal delivery service is open to everyone and whilst we specialise in frozen ready meals delivered for the elderly, we have very many customers of all age ranges, particularly a growing number of younger vegetarian customers who love the flavour of our vegetarian meals.

So if you love good food and love the convenience of frozen ready meals that can be ready to eat in just a few minutes then switch to Ofishial Foods and improve your experience of ready meals. And if you are on a strict Gluten Free diet we have so many options that you will be able to enjoy a different meal every day for over 6 weeks so should never get bored.

And if you’re not in our free delivery area please don’t worry as we can deliver our meals and desserts anywhere in the country by next day courier at a very reasonable cost and what’s more if you order more than £70 then delivery is free anywhere in mainland UK.