Frozen Vegetarian Ready Meals delivered to your door

Frozen Vegetarian Ready Meals delivered to your door

Published: February 25th, 2019

If you want ready meals delivered to your door and are a vegetarian then take a look at what Ofishial Foods have to offer. All ready meals suppliers offer vegetarian options but we have realised that vegetarian customers can only choose from the vegetarian section and there needs to be more choice and variety.

When we launched our last menu (Autumn / Winter 2018) we focussed on increasing the amount of choice for vegetarians and increased the number of main meal choices from 11 on our previous menu to 18 – an increase of 64% in choices. Our vegetarian section now has more variety and more interesting choices than most of our established competitors. And we also have a further range of vegetarian choices in our snacks and sides section too
Some of our new vegetarian ready meals have proved really popular with our vegetarian (and non-vegetarian) customers including our homemade cheese potato and onion pie, Sweet and Sour Quorn with our own recipe sweet and sour sauce, vegetarian sausage and mash, and tortilla. And of course, we have retained our long-standing popular vegetarian choices like Mushroom Stroganoff, Vegetarian Pie, and the delicious Roasted Vegetable Lasagne.

Want to be healthy? We cater for that too…

Our vegetarian range is also good for those seeking a healthy diet with 17 out of 18 meals being low sugar, and there is plenty of choice for those looking for frozen ready meals that are also low salt.

We are now working on our Spring Summer 19 menu and have developed a lovely Mushroom Bourguignon casserole served with creamy mashed potato that will complement our existing range – and it is already available for purchase

Free Home Delivery if you spend over £70

As with all our meals we offer home delivery. If you are in our local area we provide a free meal delivery service on our own freezer vans. Outside our free delivery area we can still supply home delivery by using insulated packaging and a next day courier – and If you order is £70 or more delivery is also free.