Frozen ready meals delivered to your door

Frozen ready meals delivered to your door

Published: August 7th, 2019

Ofishial Foods growth is continuing and is based on making the best frozen ready meals delivered to your door.

It requires total teamwork and commitment to achieve excellence in every part of our business and we have a fantastic small team who are totally committed to producing the best quality meals and desserts and delivery the best possible home delivery service. Although not exclusively so, a big part of our company is based on frozen ready meals delivered for the elderly. We do have some very young customers as well, particularly vegetarians for whom there is just not enough choice and quality from other ready meal makers.

Our delivery drivers are super friendly…

Our delivery drivers are super friendly and helpful and will help customers in any way they can, from putting the meals away, reorganising the freezer, bringing essential groceries with the order and even tuning the TV. They love meeting our elderly customers who are also fantastic people to get to know. In some cases, it is also a tremendous honour to be able to serve them. We have veterans of the Normandy D-Day landings and even a spitfire pilot that was badly injured in the war serving his country. It is a real honour and privilege to get to know them.

So if you or your parents would like the best tasting ready meals delivered to your door then have them delivered by Ofishial Foods because:-

  1.  Our food tastes better because it is all made by hand with the best ingredients by a talented team of chefs and with no artificial ingredients
  2. We only use the best quality British produce, from local suppliers, wherever possible in our meals
  3. Our delivery service is free in our local area and there is no minimum order
  4. Our delivery drivers are just lovely – friendly, caring and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble for them

So don’t settle for anything else. If you want frozen ready meals delivered to your door try Ofishial Foods. Great Food, Excellent Service, Lovely Caring Delivery Drivers – and that’s Ofishial!