Frozen Ready Meals delivered ready for Autumn

Frozen Ready Meals delivered ready for Autumn

Published: October 3rd, 2019

Well, Autumn is upon us and the Horse Chestnuts are already going through yellow gold and brown and the ground is laden with conkers. Not that today’s generation of ankle-biters value these shiny mahogany glossed beauties as instruments of childhood gladiatorial combat anymore – but we remember don’t we?

Anyway, while these lovely conkers rot on the ground we are working full steam on our new Autumn and Winter menu of meals and desserts for you. At Ofishial Foods we already have a great range of over 80 frozen ready meals on our free home delivery service but like the changing seasons we never standstill.

We are a small family company and spend our evenings and weekends developing new exciting cooked meals to add to our brochure for the next release. We are really excited about our new hot breakfast range, and some fabulous new main meals  in development including Beef in Green Peppercorn Sauce with our own hand made Speitzel (hand made pasta from eastern Europe), our new Seafood Lasagne, Cod in Lentils, Potato and Cauliflower Curry, Thai Prawn Red Curry and many more.

All our meals a cooked in our kitchen in Oxfordshire

If you want the best quality meals delivered to your door then explore our website for top tasting meals that are all cooked by hand in our small commercial kitchen in Oxfordshire. Our meal delivery service is second to none and what is more it is completely free in our local area and there is no minimum order size. Whilst we focus on frozen meals delivered for the elderly, our meals are so tasty they appeal to all ages and we have many younger customers in their twenties regularly ordering using our meal delivery service, and we notice that we have a growing following of much younger vegetarian customers.

It’s a cold night tonight and the storms are coming. Before we know it the bonfires will be lit and the sky will be ablaze with fireworks. The most important date for us though is always 11th November for we shall never never forget!

And in the meantime we cook – for you!