Frozen Meals Delivered To Your Door

Frozen Meals Delivered To Your Door

Published: July 31st, 2020

Customer Service


Not just frozen ready meals delivered to your door

We pride ourselves on our customer service and this was never more evident than during the recent pandemic. Prior to Covid 19 we have always provided a shopping service where we can get in ‘Store Cupboard Essentials’ for our customers – quite simply they would give us a shopping list and we would get a delivery from a well known supermarket, generally it was a few regular customers who would almost always order the same few things and then we’d deliver the shopping along with their regular ready meal delivery straight to their door (or to their kitchen).

Increase in demand for home delivery

Suddenly in March things changed firstly many more people wanted some shopping delivered – particularly the very rare ‘toilet paper’, and secondly we were struggling to get delivery slots – and for obvious reasons we did not want to go into the super markets to get the shopping. We had to find a way to resolve this luckily we managed to bulk buy some toilet roll and we rationed these to six rolls per customer order, when we did manage to get a delivery from the super market we bought anti bacterial wipes and sprays and other items that are often ordered but have a long shelf life, there also seemed to be a shortage of ‘Heinz Baked Beans’ but we managed to get these and a few other items from a local wholesale supplier. The final part of our shopping list that we send out to our customers is ‘fresh produce’ this includes apples, satsumas, strawberries and some salad items. By stipulating which items we can supply it makes the ‘grocery shopping’ process much simpler.

As the bulk of our business is frozen ready meals delivered to the door for elderly in retirement complexes, our ‘store cupboard essentials’ service really helped families during the peak of the Corona Virus. Most of these buildings stopped any visitors going in except companies like us delivering ready meals, so whereas normally a family member would do a weekly shop for those that struggle with mobility suddenly they couldn’t do this, our additional service of supplying groceries made sure that everyone could keep their cupboards stocked.