Diabetic Meals

Low-Calorie Diabetic Meals

Designed for a 800kcal diet


Welcome to Cape & Hartley’s range of meals designed for people restricting their diet to 800kcal per day in order to try to achieve remission from type 2 diabetes. Every meal is in the range of 250-350 kcal and only contains foods suitable for customers on a diabetic friendly diet.

The meals are slightly smaller than normal ready meals but if you suffer from hunger pangs look for the “hunger beaters” which are larger meals but still very low in calories.

You can select 2 meals per day to fit within your target intake, or alternatively combine these meals with other foods of your choice giving you a varied and nutritious daily diet.

All the meals are frozen and will be delivered direct to your doorstep, anywhere in mainland UK except for the islands and Scottish Highlands