Delicious Winter Ready Meals Delivered To Your Door

Delicious Winter Ready Meals Delivered To Your Door

Published: September 10th, 2020

This morning whilst visiting my horse it was really starting to feel that winter is on its way, with the first frost on the ground! When the weather starts to turn our customers tend to purchase more frozen ready meals for home delivery.

Beef Winter Warmers.

The Great British classic of Cottage Pie is always a popular cooked meal, with lean beef mince, carrots, peas and gravy and then topped with mashed potato. This best seller is low in fat and sugar, as well as being gluten and allium free, so this is a great choice for those with specific dietary requirements. We also make a Gourmet Cottage Pie this is a richer, more luxurious option. It contains red wine, harissa (a hot chilli pepper paste) and mushroom essence (from Geo Watkins), giving this delicious meal lots of flavour.

Other delicious winter warmers are Beef and Red Wine Casserole and Beef Hotpot, both these meals are dairy free and are also low in fat and sugar so a great choice for any diabetics.

Perfect Pork

Our Pork and Apple Hotpot is a favourite of Richard (one of our hard working kitchen team), he loves the classic combination of the tender pork chunks combined with the sweetness of the apple flavoured sauce, then topped with sliced potatoes.

If you’re a fan of garlic why not try our creamy Potato, Cheese and Bacon Bake (inspired by the French dish Tartiflette) or the delicious Macaroni Cheese with Bacon. Did you know that China produces almost 80% of the world’s garlic!


Many of our meals take inspiration from French cuisine this is no coincidence as Dorothee (one of our directors) spent her childhood there. Some of these meals include Chicken Chasseur – served with Dauphinoise potatoes and braised red cabbage. Or the classic dish of Coq Au Vin – served with diced potatoes, carrots and broccoli.

A Few Others For Consideration.

Many of our vegetarian meals are alternative versions of our meat based meals. My personnel favourite on those cold winter nights is Macaroni Cheese made with a rich Cheddar and Italian hard cheese sauce with a hint of garlic. So quick and easy to cook just pop in the microwave for about 7 minutes (actual cooking times vary depending on power of microwave). I normally eat it straight out of the pot as I can’t wait and want every bit of the delicious sauce.

If you fancy something with a bit of a ‘kick’ to warm you up how about Potato and Cauliflower Curry – there is no rice with this dish as there are plenty of carbohydrates with the potatoes.

Our Venison Sausages in Red Wine Sauce I feel really contains several components synonymous with the colder weather. Venison meat is lower in fat than beef, and has the highest protein levels of any of the main meats. Dauphinoise potatoes, Brussel sprouts and the juniper berry sauce finish of our ‘posh’ sausage and mash!

Don’t Forget Your Jacket in Winter.

We love a fish pie here at HQ but rather than the traditional fish pie – fish pie mix in a white sauce, topped with mashed potato. How about our Smoked Fish Pie Jacket? Creamy mashed potato mixed with smoked haddock, bacon and a creamy sauce – a perfect lunch time snack.