Delicious Rice Ready Meals for Home Delivery

Delicious Rice Ready Meals for Home Delivery

Published: September 15th, 2020

14th – 20th September is International Rice Week

So how about celebrating Rice Week by buying some of our frozen ready meals delivered to your door?

A Variety of Dishes.

We have a multitude of rice dishes for home delivery for a variety of taste buds how about the Chinese style Beef in Black Bean sauce – black bean sauce contains ‘fermented salt preserved soya beans’ for those that like their meals full of flavour but not spicy, this is for you.

Another beef  frozen ready meal is the delicious Chilli con Carne – made with lots of mild chilli powder to get flavour but no fiery heat  (it makes my eyes water when they are preparing it – but I’m a complete wimp when it comes to spices!). Although generally many of our clients like their food with not too much heat we do get the odd one that prefers everything with more spice! There is also a vegetarian version of this traditional Mexican meal.

Amongst other great tasting meals is the Beef Stroganoff, an Anglicised version of the Russian classic,and for the vegetarians a Mushroom Stroganoff (this has less fat and salt than its meaty brother).

Asian Influences.

Other rice dishes include our range of Chicken Curries – which cover a variety of different flavours and depth of heat we have mild and creamy Korma through to the hot and spicy Thai Red.

We also do three different sweet and sour dishes – pork, chicken and vegetarian (made from Quorn) all made with the same tangy sauce that gives our cooked meals an authentic homemade taste.

Some of the Others.

Our Lamb dishes consist of a curry and a tagine – both discussed in a previous blog ‘National Lamb Week‘ – both frozen ready meals contain a delicious array of spices that gives them a traditional feel.

Although none of our fish dishes have rice as their only source of carbohydrates we do have the refreshing and tangy Salmon and Puy lentils (which is actually a mix of lentils and rice – but that doesn’t trip of the tongue quite so easily!)

Just Desserts.

Our final rice dishes are the highly popular rice puddings these deliciously popular come in three different varieties – plain or with added raspberry jam or stewed apples, a little something for everyone.

Around the world there are many variations on this dessert including Middle Eastern versions – many of which contain cinnamon, or some dishes from Asia that include ingredients such as bananas, chocolate (my kind of pudding) or even coconut milk.

Cooking Rice.

I often see people asking the best way to cook rice. Firstly you need twice as much water as rice by volume. Bring your water to the boil, add the rice and then simmer on a low heat for 15 minutes. Do not stir as this cause the it to break down and release starch which then makes your rice stick together. Then remove your rice from the heat, cover with a towel and let it absorb the steam.This will help prevent the grains sticking. If you are going to freeze your rice you must cool it down as quickly as possible either by running under cold water, or spreading it out thinly on a try to disperse the heat.