Dairy Free Food From Ofishial Foods

Dairy Free Food From Ofishial Foods

Published: August 30th, 2019

Are you looking for tasty ready meals that are Dairy Free? Well, have a look at the range of delicious meals and dessert from Ofishial Foods. Out of our 80 main meals, 20 are 100% Dairy free and include some sublime dishes such as Beef Hotpot, Steak Casserole, Beef Madras, Chilli Con Carne, Gammon and Pineapple, Pork and Apple Hotpot, our brilliant Sweet and Sour Chicken and many other great dishes. We make our cooked meals by hand in a small commercial kitchen in Oxfordshire with a team of just 4 lovely ladies and also have an extensive range of Gluten Free, allium free and low salt options to suit all known dietary requirements.

As we are heavily involved in frozen meals delivered for the elderly we completely understand the typical food intolerances of these customers and work hard to ensure that there is the largest choice of our frozen ready meals suitable for every common dietary requirement.

We offer free home delivery of all of our meals in our local area and there is no minimum order size. If you just want one or two of our delicious hand made meals delivered to your door that’s absolutely fine and there will be no quibble as however small your order is, we just want you to try our food!

Our meal delivery service is excellent…

Our meal delivery service is excellent and we will deliver on the same day each week. Our regular lady drivers are very friendly and will help you in anyway they can, whether that is putting the meals away and organising the freezer, or picking up some groceries on the way – Nothing is too much trouble for them.

If you have any queries about the contents of any of our frozen ready just call us. If we can’t answer your question immediately you can speak directly to our head chef, Dorothee who will answer all your questions. Visit our site at www.ofihsial-foods.co.uk, click on Dairy Free options and see for yourself the range of fabulous dairy fee ready meals that are waiting for you!