Cooked Meals For Home Delivery

Cooked Meals For Home Delivery

Published: August 4th, 2020

Customer Service


Who makes your ready meals?

When Ofishial Foods first started 5 years ago there was only a couple of members of staff who did everything from prepping and cooking the food to taking the orders and delivery the frozen ready meals to the door. As the business has got busier and bigger making many more cooked meals – often into their 1000’s each week (each meal is handmade), they have started to employ more staff including 2 full time delivery drivers, an office manager, a much larger kitchen team to make all the delicious frozen meals and a sales rep.

Ordering your cooked meals

However it is still a company that knows each customer, we still have some customers that have been with us from the very beginning who love have our tasty homemade food delivered to their door. Some customers we recognise by their voice before they have even introduced themselves we know which meals they prefer (or if they need low salt or low sugar meals) and which size they have, during the recent pandemic many of them like to stay on the line and have a little chat as they were getting very little human contact.

Ready meals delivered to your door

For some of our customers their only relations may live at the other end of the country or even abroad we try to help in any way we can, so some of our more vulnerable customers have a standing order of the same meals delivered each week – this is more common for those that have particular nutritional requirements or can only digest certain meals. For other customers that love most of our meals but the relatives lead quite a busy life style and are worried about remembering to order we have set up systems to do a 4 weekly rotation of meals. The daughter of one of our newer customers loves the homemade style of the meals so much she bought a bigger freezer for her parents!

Additionally to this we deliver our frozen ready meals around the country with next day delivery via courier. During Covid 19 we received a phone call from a lady in Cornwall who only had a box of eggs left and she couldn’t get a shopping delivery – John (company director) managed to get her order sent out that day so she wouldn’t go hungry and she got her frozen meals delivered to her door the next day.