Continuing to provide our meals throughout the Coronavirus Crisis

Continuing to provide our meals throughout the Coronavirus Crisis

Published: April 6th, 2020

Have we ever known times like this since WW2? 2020 will be remembered as a long dark and scary year for many with thousands of people facing heart break at the loss of their nearest and dearest. To all these people we send our deepest sympathies.

At Ofishial Foods we continue to operate as normal an unlike many companies we have not closed our doors to new customers. We are determined to be as much help as we can to as many people as possible with our home delivery of delicious prepared meals and desserts. We offer a wide range of frozen ready meals that can be safely delivered to your home, stored in your freezer and heated quickly in either your microwave of oven.

Providing this service is not without risks during this current crisis and we are taking all possible precautions. Our drivers are fully equipped with antibacterial lotion, a clean pair of gloves for every single delivery, and face covering masks. Increasingly we will take delivery to the doorstep and retreat at least 2m away whilst you take the meals inside. We do not enter customers homes anymore unless absolutely essential due to severe mobility issues and then we request that the drivers are allowed to keep a safe distance from the customer at all times. Also during these exceptional times we are asking that all payment is made by card to prevent unnecessary handling of cash and cheques.

All our staff are isolating between their home and place of work only and are taking every possible precaution to protect our valued customers.

Whist huge proportions of the UK population are in isolation, including the vast majority of the elderly, and while the Supermarket home delivery options are almost unavailable to the majority, we continue to provide our weekly delivery of tasty meals and desserts to our valued customers.

Like everyone else we salute the wonderful staff of the NHS, Police, and Army who are in the front line of this crisis. But the Directors of Ofishial Foods also want to salute their own unsung heroes – our staff. A small team of people working incredible hours 7 days a week to help us ensure that we are there for as many vulnerable people as possible.