Celebrate National Seafood Week with Ofishial Foods Ready Meals

Celebrate National Seafood Week with Ofishial Foods Ready Meals

Published: October 6th, 2020

From the 5th – 11th we celebrate National Seafood Week.

Seafood is a high-protein food that is low fat and high in vitamins and minerals, and research has shown that seafood can have numerous health benefits. Recent studies have shown that eating seafood can decrease the risk of heart attack, stroke, obesity, and hypertension.
Did you know that:
In the UK only one third of the population eat the recommended two portions of fish a week.
The annual spend on Fish and chips in the UK is £1.2 billion.
The UK exports 80% of the fish it cat.
Salmon is more popular than any other fish.
Fish is one of the superfoods (especially oily fish), as are broccoli and spinach – which we often pair with our fish dishes.

At Ofishial Foods we have a range of delicious frozen fish ready meals for home delivery. From the traditional Fish and Chips . Through to the more unique Seafood Lasagne. This has pieces of cod, salmon, haddock, prawns and spinach in a tomato sauce between layers of pasta topped with some melted cheese. So rather than queueing at the local takeaway, use our home delivery service to get some delicious home cooked meals.

Salmon Dishes.

One of our best-selling cooked meals is our Salmon in Lemon Sauce. Traditionally lemon and fish are a classic combination. However, this creamy sauce makes a good alternative to a rich hollandaise sauce. This meal comes with broccoli and diced potatoes. Our other main salmon dishes are Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Gratin and Salmon with Lemon Puy Lentils.  Furthermore, neither of these dishes contain gluten, and also, they are both low in salt and sugar.

Cod Dishes.

Cod is a very popular white fish due to its mild flavour and significantly low-fat content. One of our best-selling dishes is Cod in Parsley Sauce, again served with broccoli and diced potatoes, this dish is low in salt, sugar and fat and also wheat free and allium free. Or how about Cod Portuguese, we smother this cod fillet in a tomato based sauce. Our final cod dish is Cod Mornay here the fish is topped with the cheese sauce with more Lancashire Cheese crumbled on top.

Other Seafood Dishes.

Our Smoked Fish Pie Jackets are great as a snack or a main meal. They come in two different serving sizes and have an appetising creamy filling of smoked haddock, bacon and mash.

One of my favourite dishes is our Classic Fish Pie, instead of the traditional mashed potato topping we have put on crushed new potatoes with a sprinkling of cheese. The creamy white sauce has a hint of mustard in it giving it a great taste. We also have a Luxury Fish Pie , with a hint of Vermouth in the sauce -topped with creamy mashed potato.

Our final two fish meals are the Mornay Fish Cakes – these need to be cooked in the oven. Containing three different fishes and three different cheeses they are a perennial favourite. These taste great served with new potatoes and a side salad. Or how about Haddock Florentine, like most of the other fish dishes it is wheat free and has a cheese sauce, however we serve this on a bed of spinach and diced potatoes.