Our Best Selling Ready Meals Delivered to the Elderly

Our Best Selling Ready Meals Delivered to the Elderly

Published: August 18th, 2020

Ready Meals delivered to your door

When new customers ring up and aren’t sure which of our delicious home cooked¬† ready meals to have delivered they often ask which are our best sellers or what would we recommend from our extensive range of frozen ready meals, this is such a tough question to answer as we all have our own personal favourites – one of mine is the delicious Macaroni Cheese as with most of our ready meals it comes in two different sizes the scrummy cheese sauce comes with plenty of garlic and just a hint of mustard and best of all it comes in two other varieties – Macaroni with Smoked Cheese and Leek, and Macaroni Cheese with Bacon.

Best Selling Ready Meals

Some of our other ‘best sellers’ are the classic Sausage and Mash – severed with mashed potato, carrots and peas again this comes in two other combinations, Vegetarian Sausage and Mash served with onion gravy and the very decadent Venison Sausage and Mash served with a rich and creamy dauphiniose potato,brussel sprouts and a venison jus – made from red wine and red currant jelly.

Cottage Pies

There are so many others of our handmade frozen ready meals that we consider to be ‘best sellers’ – our top 10 list is constantly changing. The British classic meal of Cottage Pie and its indulgent relation the Gourmet Cottage Pie -a twist on the original with added extras of red wine and some harrissa (a Tunisian paste made from chillies, garlic and spices).

Traditional Roast Dinners

Many of our customers love the variety of ready meals that are delivered straight to the door especially our choice of Roast dinners – beef, chicken, lamb, pork and turkey – they all come with meat, gravy, potatoes and parsnips and vegetables. The roast beef comes with a Yorkshire pudding, the roast chicken with stuffing and the pork with chipolatas. We even have a Nut Roast served with peas,carrots and cauliflower cheese. Which one would you choose?