Additive-free ready meals – No reformed meat, no artificial ingredients and no e-numbers

Additive-free ready meals – No reformed meat, no artificial ingredients and no e-numbers

Published: May 15th, 2019

Additive-free ready meals from Ofishial Foods!

While ready meals provide an excellent solution for those in a hurry or who need a bit of extra help, they have got some bad press in recent years due to the high level of additives and artificial ingredients they contain, not to mention salt and sugar levels. This is not a problem at Ofishial Foods as not one of our meals contains any artificial ingredients or additives whatsoever. A lot of ready meals are sold chilled in Supermarkets and additives are added to extend the shelf life. This isn’t necessary for frozen ready meals because as our cooked meals are fully frozen they can be kept for at least 12 months frozen.

The same applies to meat. Many ready meal manufacturers use cheaper processed, formed and reformed meat to reduce the cost of their meal. Not at Ofishial Foods though! We only use fresh best quality meat in our meals. Also, it is not imported as we like to support British producers wherever possible and use good quality British meat from our excellent local suppliers. Its better for quality, better for British farmers, and better for the environment too. The majority of our meals are also low in salt and low in sugar too.

It is just good honest food.

So when you buy Ofishial Foods ready meals you can be sure that every one of our healthy meals is made with fresh ingredients, best quality meat and nothing artificial added. It is just good honest food.

You don’t have to go shopping to get our foods as we offer a free meal delivery service in our local area. Just call us the day before your regular delivery day and you will have our delicious meal delivered to your door by our friendly and helpful drivers. And if you are not inside our free delivery area we can still offer home delivery with your meals packed up in an insulated box and delivered by next day courier. Our frozen ready meals are guaranteed to still be fully frozen on delivery and ready to go straight into your freezer.