About Frozen Food

About Frozen Food

Published: November 12th, 2019

Before we talk about frozen food we at Ofishial Foods would like a moment to remember. We have always been a military and veteran-friendly company and have customers who have done great things, made great sacrifices and lost great friends. We also have customers living with PTS from horrible recent conflicts in the middle east. To you all, we salute you.

As the stars that are starry in the time of our darkness

To the end, the end, they remain

It’s hard to move on from that thought but now to frozen food. We offer frozen ready meals delivered to the elderly, veterans or not. However, we are not exclusively for the elderly and provide frozen ready meals to customers of all ages and are particularly popular with younger vegetarians who enjoy our interesting range of cooked meals. Our latest customer group is a large base of younger women who are receiving cooked meals as part of a medical research trial for the impact of different diets on their condition.

We offer our meal delivery service throughout the UK and delivery is completely free in our local area with no delivery charge and no minimum order.

Unlike every other ready meal company, we actually make all our meals and desserts ourselves in our small commercial kitchen and they are all made and packed by hand in our small commercial kitchen. And they are really very good. We only use the best British ingredients from local suppliers and never ever add any artificial ingredients to our meals. Our objective is to get as close to a great tasting freshly home-cooked meal as it is possible to get in a frozen ready meal

So if you are interested in trying our great tasting meals delivered to your door just get in touch. We are friendly and offer excellent customer service to all customers. So don’t put up with inferior factory-produced food and poor service, just improve your experience with Ofishial Foods. We are a  family company who make great food and really really care about you.